What a week, unreal, incredible, best one ever, with massive wins and cogs to go with it.  Here is the rough breakdown with lots more data from others involved but I will give you what I have:

Thursday 9 June:    100 Years event on the roof to celebrate 100 year history of the street the org is on.  Many Non Scn attended and also OLs.  The number of OLs and attendees is unknown by me but it looked like 100 and OLs seemed like at least 10.

Per Judy, she said majority of the people there were Ols about 50.

* Our Band, The Jam Band Performed before and near the end a total of 2 hours of music.  The fans loved it.   Mr. Hassan, a journalist from a major TV show filmed 30 to 45 minutes of our music and put it on his facebook page where 65 people watched it.  Hassan LOVED the music and hugged us.  He said his people loved it and some people complained to him why he did not tell them sooner.

*  Judy and Gali sang opera and that was a huge success.   Also Cali and her band performed.


Friday 10 June:   The Jam Band performed at Noni’s restaurant on the beach off of Jerusalem Blvd.  The restaurant is owned by Anot’s brother and she and Judy set this up several weeks ago.    We distributed close to 350-400 DVDs and booklets.

The response from the public was very good and the staff loved it and asked us to come back. They also gave us a 50% discount on our food as a thank you. About 10 Scientologists helped distribute, and help us with equipment breakdown and to flow theta and support.


Saturday 11 June:  We drove up North to attend an event with the Monseigneur, the Priest over 50 Private Catholic Schools, on request.  We did not know much about this event but when we arrived we found out it was a special graduation of about 25 High School students. The event was attended by the Cardinal in charge of all Catholic Churches and schools in Israel and also the Mayor attended.  The head of many schools were also there.  There seemed to be other area OLs as several people got awarded.  In attendance were about 150 people.  The Global Pioneers/Good Choices program was announced by the Priest to all the guests and that we were there to bring peace through education.  Judy sang before and at the end of the event.  Many people videotaped her singing.  Then they had a lunch and the Jam Band played after.   This was a big success and even the Cardinal was very happy with the whole event.  Judy introduced me to the Cardinal.  I showed him the How To Make Good Choices (TWTH for kids) booklet and explained what we were doing in Israel.  He seemed very happy and took the book, took pictures and videos with us, and then told me to continue with our mission and that he gives us his blessing.  The Priest was so happy and hugged me many times.



The head priest at first was a little nervous about us passing out the good choices, but after we met with the Cardinal, the Priest completely calmed down and became uptone, because he made the right choice with us that the Cardinal approved.

After the event was over the Monseigneur called us to his office for coffee.

We talked for an hour.  I noticed that he looked very dispersed as usual.  I brought out some Electrolytes I brought from the US.  I mentioned that it helps with over heating etc..  He seemed very interested.  I gave him two packets.  I drank it with water and within 10 minutes his face color changed to normal and he said that he felt good.  I told him I would send him more.  We presented him with the Good Choices posters.  We then talked about our next event which is set for 24 June to train kids and teachers on the Good Choices program.   He again hugged all of us and was very appreciative of what we did. After that, I could see the priest zipping around again.


Saturday:  11 June 16

We then went to meet Shaqib Shanana, an ally from the Druze community.  It was worked out that we would sleep at his house and then travel to our Sunday workshop.  When I met Shaqib it was instant ARC and we immediately went into games and even had an arm wrestling match which he won.  We went to his house and met his family who were all very friendly and interested in us and what we were doing.  They fed us and put us up which went very well.  We had a great time with the family and we disseminated to Shaqib the DFW program.  He got two kits from Shelley. After doing a lot of enlightenment  on the DFW program he came out of being glib and was very interested in running with the program; so much so  he originated starting a Life Improvement Center type group or activity to introduce the tech to his community.  He said he could do this in first floor of his house in one month when his son moves out.  At the same time, we passed out another kit to one of Shiqib’s good friends. All were very impressed with what we were doing.

While there we were shown around the Druze community by Shaqib including seeing their place of worship and going into their homes and observing their customs and talking with other Druze which gave us much more reality on the people as well as disseminating the Good Choices program. This action really started to bring up the ARC between us and the Druze. You could see that Shaqib really believed that what we are doing will make a difference.

This booklet was very well received and the people were especially kind and interested and very easy to communicate and increase ARC with.  Many people recognized what we were doing as they have similar principles.


Sunday  12 June:

We then went to a High School for a workshop set up by Rawan (She works for the Israeli anti drug authority) to give a Good Choices workshop and play music.  It was a Druze School and was to be 100 students.  50 Students showed up. We played music and went over The Good Choices booklet, what its about and gave each student a copy.   Rawan loved it and scheduled us to come back for more students.  We also talked about training their teachers.


While there we met a professor from another college. We gave him a box of booklets and posters which he wanted. Super uptone guy.  While talking with him another teacher came and took booklets and posters.   They were very friendly and happy.

We then went to meet the Mayor of Tamrah.

The meeting with the Mayor was unbelievable.  We instantly had high ARC.

We went over our Good Choices program, presented a leatherbound TWTH booklet which he was very happy about and gave him the new Good Choices booklet in Arabic.  I explained what we had been doing around the world, showed photos and then talked about what we are doing in Israel.


The Mayor spoke about his goals to bring peace between the different religions and different ethnic groups and to make it a better world.

We aligned perfectly with everything he said and he was very genuine with no false PR or just trying to appease or get something from us.  It was amazing.  We also showed him what our band was doing and played some of our music for him.

The Mayor invited us to be his guest at a big parade the next day, and our band would play.  We worked out the logistics of this cycle.  We parted with big hugs and plans for the next day.   We left him posters and a box of Good Choices booklets in Arabic.

* We then went to TWTH Rep in the area named Hamode.  Very theta guy who helped set up the meeting with the Mayor.   At this house we met his wife who was very uptone.  We hatted her on assists for daughter and gave her Good Choices booklets, TWTH dvd and poster.

Note:  Hamode posted photos from this and the Mondays actions on his facebook page and got  58 likes.  Hamode was very excited that he could get all this help in his area. Previously, Sheli was helping him doing DFW work so having an entire team meeting with the Mayor was very big.

Monday 13 June:

* We were guests of the Mayor at a parade in Tamrah.  After the parade was over, the MC of the event announced us and our actions to bring peace and education.  Then Judy sang.  The Mayor and his city council was there. They were all smiling and happy.

* Then I was introduced to over 1,000 people, teens, children, and adults.  I spoke about what we were doing there, how we were bringing education and peace to Israel.  I showed the Good Choices booklet and everyone got one on their seats.

*  Then the Jam Band played songs for about 45 minutes.  People seemed very happy with this.  After people crowded around us to say things like we love you, shake hands etc..  Some people wanted photos.


*  Then the Mayor brought people over to meet us including teachers who we gave booklets and posters to, and then a journalist to interview us.  Judy and I did an interview.  She spoke in Hebrew.  Her interview was used and published on their internet website which reached over 300,000 people.  Maybe 1 million.  I am not sure which figure it is.   The interview was theta.


*  After the event the Mayor asked us to dinner.  This was an awesome cycle.

We ate and had a great time with the Mayor and the Journalist and City council members were there.  This lasted two hours.  The Mayor got an intro to study tech by Gadi (APS Rep in Israel).  I also gave a talk on the Good Choices Booklet and gave these out along with posters.   Judy also gave a talk to some of the people there.

Wednesday 15 June:

* We had a Self Analysis Workshop at the org and trained Orna, the owner of Caffe Yaffo, on how to deliver the workshop. We also got confirmation that Kevin (currently on OT 7) will be taking over the workshops. The SA workshops have been a complete success with at least one person or more buying a book or starting a course. The staff are so blown away how easy it is to get raw public in session within a couple hours.

*  Also Wednesday we got confirmation that a TV Show was done about our  activities in Tamrah and also two websites published the story with photos and videos.  I was told the total people reached is over 1.5 million.


We now have many big events lined up. We will have more pictures to share with you very soon.

Thank you so much to the unbelievable theta and support from Hadar, and The org staff.  Without this we would not accomplish these great things.  (Shelley has been the most key of all but it takes the whole team to do this).

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