About Good Choices

happy-kids-clubEvery parent wants their child to be happy, but how do you achieve that? Certainly making sure the child gets a good education is part of it, but what about life itself? How do you prepare them for that?

Good Choices is dedicated to empowering kids of all ages by teaching them how to make their own good decisions in life. We use a booklet called How to Make Good Choices, which contains twenty-one common sense moral guidelines for living an ethical and productive life and demonstrates how this leads to personal happiness.

The How to Make Good Choices booklet was developed in 1992 by Timothy K. Melchior, a former public school teacher, to help his daughter, then eight years old, and her friends. The booklet is based on The Way to Happiness, by author and educator L. Ron Hubbard and illustrated by author and illustrator, Scott E. Sutton.

Timothy then founded the Happy Kids Club to help other parents use the booklet and to share successful actions. Since that time, hundreds of parents, teachers and youth leaders have used How to Make Good Choices to teach kids how to make their own good decisions in life.

We invite you to join us in creating a new generation of happy, creative and productive kids. We welcome any comments or suggestions atĀ info@goodchoices.us

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