How to Make Good Choices has been used in countless public and private schools to teach non-religious moral principles to the students. An increase in personal responsibility and character building good citizenship is one of the benefits.

Parents Testimonials

“I read Good Choices with my son, Cooper. On his very first day he said to me, “I could change the world with this!”. I highly recommend this children’s version to any parent or teacher.”

Chel Stith
Educator and Parent

adult-with-kids-reading“Recently I found out about a very good program for kids called “How to Make Good Choices”. My youngest child is 9 years old. He is, as they say, “all boy” and wants and needs to explore life to its fullest.”

“We started reading the booklet and we were having wins not only on the data but doing it together. One day he and his buddies saw this private wedding going on in our community and decided to “water balloon” the place. They got caught (4 of them) and were brought to a new realization of making good choices. After they cleaned the fellow’s yard (to make up the mischief done) we continued the course. My son said, (smiling) “Dad, I know what an example of making good choices isn’t!”

“We are now back on track and winning.”

Jim Rogers
Parent, New Mexico

Teachers Testimonials


“This booklet is a lifesaver the likes of which I can hardly describe.  This is something kids can understand and use as their own, not something an adult “told them about”. I feel very strongly that this booklet should be used broadly as these kids are our future and right now they are wading through a morass of unethical behavior on the Internet, in music, on their cell phones, TV, movies, not to mention on the street. To give them this priceless tool and arm them “against a sea of trouble” is a must.”

Jenny Gaynor
Elementary School Teacher, Renaissance School

“We settle just about all our upsets and disputes with the Good Choices Booklet. The kids get it, and like it to be applied to themselves.. In a lesson about Love and Help Parents, the kids wrote letters to their parents thanking them for the things that they do for them because they love them. We had letters that said “Thank you for hugs” . ” Thank you for my Dr. Who Pj’s” ” Thank you for playing with me.” ” Thank you for making food that I like.” ” Thank you for letting me come to Greenfields!”

Mark McQuade
Teacher, Greenfields School

Youth Group Testimonials

“This program was very helpful for me. Now I know how to make good choices in life to succeed and if someone tells me I can’t do what I like I will just ignore them. I will choose to make good choices in life and not steal, hurt, or bully. I will be kind and helpful to everyone.”

Boys & Girls Clubs Thousand Oaks

“I really learned that I am the boss of my own choices that can lead to the road of happiness.”

Boys & Girls Clubs Thousand Oaks

“I really learned that I am the boss of my own choices that can lead to the road of happiness.”

Boys & Girls Clubs Thousand Oaks

“This summer I learned that instead of doing drugs, drinking or joining a gang you can join a basketball team or become a fireman. Just something to keep you away from doing something that will change your life in a bad way. You could make the choice of going to prison or becoming successful. The most thing I liked was being able to make a good choice and by joining this program it changed how I make my choices.”

Community United/Mayor’s Task Force on Gang Violence San Jose

“What I learned this summer is to make good choices. In this program I learned that I should not get in gangs or in bad stuff. My favorite day was when the basketball ladies came and showed us how to play basketball. This program taught me so much because I use to think that gangs were cool and I wanted to get in one when I grew up, but now that I came to this program I don’t want to join in gangs no more. Thank You.”

Community United/Mayor’s Task Force on Gang Violence San Jose

“I learned to make good choices and do what you want to do and just keep trying.”

Community United/Mayor’s Task Force on Gang Violence San Jose

“This summer I learned that making good choices can really help in the future. This program has helped me realize that making good choices can help me and the people around me will as well.”

Community United/Mayor’s Task Force on Gang Violence San Jose

Kids Testimonials

“It was really fun to learn all of the rules to live a happy and successful life. My favorite rule is “Be Truthful” because if you are trustworthy you can make lots of friends.”

Washburn Adademy

“The book really showed me that if I follow all of these rules I will be successful when I’m older. I believe that helping other people to follow these rules is a big step for others and also for me.”

Washburn Academy

“I had a lot of fun doing this. I learned a lot. I never thought that I would of liked it that much. I think “Love and Help Parents” helped me a lot. I think “Set a Good Example” would help a lot too.”

Washburn Academy

“I love it so much. It helps me in life. It taught me to not hurt others or do anything that is against the law. Also to help someone who is helping others. It was good.”

Jacob G.
Washburn Academy

“I loved the book. All 21 rules are a part of how to be happy.  My favorite rule is number 4 – Love and Help Children. I like that rule because a lot of people will learn to love and help children when children need it.”

Washburn Academy

“I learned how to make better choices and why you don’t hurt other people and how I can be happy.”

Washburn Academy

“I liked doing this class. It helped me a lot and it is fun. I will help everyone with how to be happy like this.”

Washburn Academy

“I liked this because it taught me to be nicer to people. It taught me how to be happy and make others happy too.”

Wyatt F.
Washburn Academy

“This was a lot of fun. I loved this book, I can’t tell you how much I love it.”

Washburn Academy

“I got so much from this book. It was so so much fun and I hope we do it again. I have learned so much. I will now help my Mom and Dad. I can now succeed in my life. I can be nice to everyone and ignore the people that are not going to be nice. I can talk to people without being mad at them. I now know that if i am nice people will be nice back.”

Washburn Academy

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